For most American riders hoping to return to participate in PBP, Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (SQY) has been the staging area for both the start and finish of PBP and where most Americans stayed in hotels. It was announced earlier in August by the  ACP that the start and finish will not be staged in SQY. Unfortunately, Rambouillet, the new start/finish location, does not have near the same hotel capacity as SQY and odds are that most Americans will need to book lodgings elsewhere. Ironically, the closest place with robust lodging options is SQY. Further from Paris, but somewhat similar in distance from Rambouillet (35-40km) is Chartres. Fortunately, Rambouillet is served by the same rail line from Paris as SQY, so it is easily reached by train, and Rambouillet is also a largely flat 25km bike ride from SQY. For riders doing the 80 and 90 hour starts, a trip by train or a 25km bike ride off the clock so to speak can work well to arrive at the start which still begins in the late afternoon. With the move of start/finish location the route will no doubt be shortened from ~1250km to ~1200km and the 25km commute will amount to nearly the same total riding distance. For 84 hour riders, however, all effort should be made to find lodging much closer, certainly for the start. Those closer options should not be limited to hotel rooms. Strongly consider home rentals such as AirBnB. The lack of hotel rooms immediately in Rambouillet need not be seen as a major problem, and might be considered a bonus as it will motivate Americans to spend some of their time in France out of the more suburban landscape of SQY and instead lodging in truer vacation locations (Chartres Cathedral, the Palace at Versailles, in Paris itself).

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In 2011 the following was available but appears not to be active or updated for 2015. However, this may offer some a starting place in a web search:

Bourse au logement du Paris- Brest - Paris 2011, (Housing Stock Exchange):

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