Registration Info

Please note that the primary source of information on PBP is the ACP. PBP hopefuls should go to the source and to take personal responsibility for being familiar with the material. The ACP have updated the official PBP website from the 2015 information to now include 2019 information.

RUSA will not have the same involvement in rider registration as it has been in the past, so riders should be very, very familiar with the registration information, the rules of the event and other information on the site.

For Facebook'ers, the ACP is also communicating to PBP participants through the event's FB page at

Here is the link to the French language version of the 2019 brochure for PBP:

There is also the English language version that has been posted on the PBP Facebook page and has been downloaded and added here. Please see the subpage below for the 2019 PBP Brochure.