Tracking your application

As of 6/20/2011, the ACP has started validating applications, although they have not yet started issuing frame numbers.

As a result, you should be able to see a "Complete, awaiting processing" message at the top of your form if you go to "Follow up"

You won't see this message if you have not yet submitted all four qualifying brevet numbers or if you have not yet paid. You also may not see this message if you completed your application very recently.

Within the application page you may also see that your brevets have been acknowledged with a green "OK" and at the bottom of the application you will find confirmation of your bike check time with the statement "Organiser's decision" and your official bike check time.


Instructions on how to monitor and update your PBP registration information from the ACP:

To follow the validation of your entry, please look at "FOLLOW UP." You will be able also to pay your preregistration on this page if you don't do it at once.

The dossier number and password should be in your initial confirmation e-mail.