2011 pre reg for us riders

You can see how many riders have pre-registered by looking HERE.

Screen shots of the pre-registration pages are attached below.

Pre-registration started April 2nd (April 3rd in France). For the most part, it seems to have gone pretty smoothly for folks. Here are some learnings from the first pre-registrations.

Have your credit or debit card handy, and look up the certification number for your longest 2010 brevet on the RUSA website: http://www.rusa.org/cgi-bin/resultsearch_GF.pl

The instructions indicate that riders will need rider affiliation, rider license number and homologation number of longest 2010 brevet. The rider license number is not applicable for riders' whose affiliation is "Foreign" (i.e., non-France). You may leave that section blank.

RUSA members can find the homologation numbers of any 2010 US ACP (200, 300, 400, 600, 1000) or RM (1200 or longer) events by results search on RUSA website. Homologation numbers for non-US RM events can be found at http://www.lesrandonneursmondiaux.org/homologations2011.html. For non-US ACP events, riders will probably need to consult the event organizers. US riders can find their ACP club codes here: http://www.rusa.org/cgi-bin/clubsearch_GF.pl

If all goes well, rider should get 4 emails

 The first three should happen pretty quickly, but the last one happens when RUSA brevet secretary validates the entry, so the timing depends on his schedule.

In the first of the above email, you will get a pdf attachment, named with your pre-inscription number (ie: US-492.pdf), plus a 'file-number' and password. This pdf file will contain information you entered about you. In the last section at the bottom of the attached file will be information about your 2010 qualifying brevet. Note that in the 'Name of club' section, it will list the name of the club that hosted the longest brevet that you rode in 2010. NB: don't confuse this with the display you get when you log back into your account to check your status. In that display, you will see a line that looks just like the last box in the pdf sent to you, but in that case in the 3rd box from the top the 'name of club' refers to the ACP club code you entered when first pre-registering. For some riders, those two 'name of club' sections may differ.

 If payment fails, but you get the first e-mail with the receipt of preregistration, then try this:


Some riders have commented that one of the questions on the klikandpay payment processing screen is a little odd. The form asks for the “visual cryptogram”, but it's just looking for the 3-digit security code on back of credit card.

Any intractable problems? Contact Mark Thomas of RUSA first; he may be able to help sort out the issue. If he can't, he will contact the ACP on your behalf.


One other thing to note: When a rider receives, for example, a "dossier number" of US-258, it means that he's the 258th PBP rider to register, not the 258th US PBP rider to register. In the case of #258, he's actually only the 72nd US rider to register. So our quota is not filling up as fast as it might appear to be.


One other thing to keep in mind: the filled quota represents the riders whose preregistrations have been validated by their country organizations. I've been keeping up pretty well with validations for our riders. Other countries may be moving more slowly, especially those applying some separate quota criteria (I know that Australia, for example, has a separate regime rewarding total distance ridden last year). 


Our quota will not fill at the 1000/1200 nor the 600 stage. By then, we should have a bit better sense of how many of our preregistration-eligible riders are actually preregistering. 


 It's technically possible for our 1200/1000/600 riders to fill our quota. But it is unlikely happen. We'd need near 100% participation from that population (719 of about 740).


Folks who can wait until late June to make plans should be aware of important dates in June. Any space for a pre-registered rider who doesn't complete final registration will be released on June 20th and more spaces will likely become available within our quota. So if our quota is filled after the 300k preregistration, for example, riders who did a 200k last year should still preregister at the appointed time, to get their names on the waiting list. Similarly riders who didn't complete any ACP events last year should register on June 11 to get on the waiting list. On June 20th, riders will presumably be accepted off the waiting list when spaces are freed up.