2011 Quota Info

The ACP has established quotas by country for PBP 2011. They have published information here.

Some analysis of how the quotas will affect the US contingent can be found on the RUSA site here.

The effect of pre-registrations on the quotas can be viewed on the PBP site here.

Updates on quota utilization will be updated here.

A couple of notes:

                It's theoretically possible for our 1200/1000/600 riders to fill our quota. But it won't happen. We'd need near 100% participation from that population (719 of about 740).

 Folks who can wait until late June to make plans should be aware of important dates in June. Any space for a pre-registered rider who doesn't complete final registration will be released on June 20th and more spaces will likely become available within our quota. So if our quota is filled after the 300k preregistration, for example, riders who did a 200k last year should still preregister at the appointed time, to get their names on the waiting list. Similarly riders who didn't complete any ACP events last year should register on June 11 to get on the waiting list. On June 20th, riders will presumably be accepted off the waiting list when spaces are freed up.