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2019 GPS Tracks

Mark Thomas has found some gps files on OpenRunner that cover the 2019 PBP route. Please read his note about those files before you use them.

OpenRunner shows routes for the different stages of PBP 2019. The latest update (dated 2018-12-06) is to the start leg out of Rambouillet. [Ed. note: the Openrunner files have been confirmed as official ACP files]  I have no clue whether these are official, but they look pretty comprehensive. A quick review of the routes shows some changes from 2015. As expected, it appears that all the control towns remained the same. And the route is around 15km shorter.

I put a table of the links to the different stages online here -

Using RwGPS, I patched together the GPX files into two routes. Out and Return. The process seems to have made a bit of a mess of the elevation profiles. I also traced these files to create new ones with cues automatically inserted by RwGPS. I didn’t make any attempt to clean these up. These routes are Out with cues and Return with cues. Please let me know if you find errors in my tracing.